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Even in this age where information travels fast, more is known about the American soldiers in the Vietnam War than about Vietnam as a whole. In fact, it is only in the recent past that people around the world have realized that there's more to Vietnam, in terms of being a tourist destination, than its war-torn past. A Vietnam travel guide is all that you need to open your eyes to the wondrous beauty of the country, the warmth of its people and the richness of its culture.

Your Travel Guide To Vietnam

If Vietnam holidays are what's on you mind, then delve into the Vietnam travel guide and strike up a cursory but helpful acquaintance with the country before landing there.


Vietnam Geography

Vietnam is a south-east Asian nation, flanked by the People's Republic of China in the north, Laos in the north-west, Cambodia in the south-west and the South China Sea on the eastern fringe. In terms of the geographical area, Vietnam is the 65th largest country in the world, covering about 331,689 square kilometers. However, the massive Vietnam population, more than 85 million as on July 2005, makes it the 13th most populous country in the world. 

Lofty peaks, dense woods, riverine valleys and massive deltas make up the diverse and striking Vietnamese terrain. The Vietnam climate is tropical monsoon in character, with around 85% humidity all throughout the year. However there are climatic variations within the country depending on the particular geographical region and the temperatures are usually higher in the plains than in the mountainous reaches where the winters are cold and summers, warm.


Vietnam Tourist Information

Vietnamese is the official Vietnam language, though Chinese, English, French and Russian are also spoken in certain pockets of the country. The Vietnam currency is the Dong and around January 2007, 1 US Dollar equaled about 16,000 Vietnamese Dong. Now this piece of information in the Vietnam travel guide is surely one of the prime Vietnam tourist attractions, especially for the travelers who are keen for some shopping in Vietnam.


Getting To Vietnam

Reaching Vietnam isn't a problem at all. Take a look at your Vietnam travel guide. You have options aplenty. There are many airlines around the world like the Thai Airways that operate flights to Vietnam's capital Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. There's also an international airport at Danang.

Vietnam is connected to China via an international train service, one route commences from Beijing and another from Kunming. If you prefer traveling in style, take any one of the numeour cruise liners that make the stop at Haiphong in Vietnam.


More on Vietnam Tourism

There is no dearth of things to see and things to do in Vietnam. Vietnam is a country replete with spectacular and diverse natural beauty, most of which is unexplored and untouched. From the rustic French charm and the exquisite temple architecture of the capital city of Hanoi to the dramatic natural setting at Halong Bay, Vietnam has on offer sights that are exhilarating, enchanting and eclectic.

On your Vietnam vacations, make sure that you do not miss the Vietnam festivals & events listed in the Vietnam travel guide. These gatherings and celebrations are great ways to get intimate with the people of the country and understand their customs and beliefs.


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