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Cross Indochina Travel is a Destination Management Company (DMC) delivers exceptional meeting, incentive, and housing services across Vietnam as well as internationally. We offer complete housing services, hotel contract negotiation, video conferencing and a wide array of destination management services. Our capabilities enable us to manage the entire meeting or a portion of it based on the needs of the clients we serve.



Provide meeting and incentive management services which will enhance our clients ability to provide their internal and external customers with a logistically sound and enjoyable meeting experience." "We are committed to utilizing the latest in meeting and incentive planning technology to maximize our efficiency in managing your meetings, thereby lowering our costs and ultimately your costs to secure the services of a professional meeting management company." "Our services and the delivery of those services are designed based on the specific needs of the clients we serve."




Minimal Consultation/ Building Bridges:

This type of consultation is ideal for clients who, for reasons of their own, wish to plan most of the event themselves. In these cases we would 'get the ball rolling' as it were and recommend various on-site resources and point the client in the right direction regarding local contacts, sites and of course budget. We can also facilitate potential business ventures by organizing preliminary meetings and establishing contacts between two parties.


Joint Planning:

By taking this option the client lets Luxury Travel Co., Ltd Incentive organize the event from start to finish allowing us to use our creativity and planning skills. The client, however, can input his/her own ideas at all times. This form of partnership is designed for clients that lack the time to thoroughly plan the event them selves, but at the same time wish to contribute in part to the organization and creative thought process that goes into creating the perfect event.


Complete Event Management:

By choosing this option the client entrusts us with creating the entire event, from the creation through to the actual running of the event itself. This comprehensive consultation package involves a completely planned and organized event with the additional bonus of having Luxury Travel Co., Ltd Incentive on-site throughout with the benefit of local knowledge. For many clients this is the best and most convenient option of the 3 as it provides less stress and security in the knowledge that we are taking care of every aspect of the event.


Range of events possible:

  •       Seminars
  •       Conferences
  •       Grand openings
  •       Award ceremonies
  •       Receptions
  •       Meetings / board meetings
  •       Product release celebrations
  •       Holiday celebrations
  •       Welcoming official government delegations
  •       International congresses
  •       Retirement parties
  •       Company picnics and other informal corporate gatherings
  •       Relationship dinners


Our goal:

Our goal is to create, organize and implement corporate hospitality events throughout Vietnam. With our close association with many Vietnamese entities, we make things easier for you. We aim to continually exceed our customers' expectations while offering them the best in terms of quality of service and value.


We believe that as we are a small and medium-sized company with close associations with both the public and private sector, we are able to be very flexible when it comes to creating and arranging events.


Our role:

Our role, depending on which particular product you choose, will consist of managing all elements of your program. We appreciate the difficulties of organizing a corporate event or arranging a meeting: an official airport reception, all transportation for the duration of the itinerary, hotel bookings and reservations, meeting programs, social programs, a gifts program and all presentations. We will facilitate an atmosphere with varied types of ambience for meetings, discussions and relationship-building.


We also retain and manage all contractors such as hotels, caterers, venues, lighting, etc. We understand the complexities of organising a corporate event, which is exactly why we have designed a custom program to enhance the capabilities of the independent or individual meeting planner.


What we provide:

Pre-event planning

  •       Destination selection and information
  •       Venue and accommodation recommendations
  •       Site surveys
  •       Vendor negotiation
  •       Speakers
  •       Food and beverage selection
  •       Delegate itineraries
  •       Ground handling support selection
  •       On-line registration and housing
  •       Transportation
  •       Air transportation and ticketing
  •       Charter flights