Tourist Visa

 Tourist Visa for Laos

Tourist Visas for Laos are available at Lao embassies or consulates abroad and at most Laos ports of entry (known as Visa on arrival).

Note: Citizens of Japan, The Republic of Korea, Russia, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and ASEAN member countries (with valid passports) are exempted from Lao visa. The citizens of these countries can enter Laos and stay for 15-30 days without a visa. For longer stay, a visa is required.

Regardless of where you obtain them, tourist visas are for a single entry and must be used within 2 months from the date of issue. It allows you to stay in Laos for up to 30 days, and can be extended for up to 60 days (two 30-day). Follow the link for more info on Laos visa extension.

If you plan to travel to Laos, and would like to get everything in order before you start your journey, then you might as well want to have the Lao visa stamped on your passport before heading out. You can file your application at Lao embassy or consulate near you. Allow 3-5 working days to have the visa issued.

If you want to apply for the visa yourself check out Lao embassies page to see if there is a Lao embassy in your country and for contact information.

If you are in the USA and chose to travel to the embassy and submit your application yourself, below is the map of location of Lao embassy in Washington DC. You may as well want to download the visa application form below (for USA, Canada and Australia only, for other countries please contact the embassy near you for details).

You can also fill out the form and mail it to Lao embassy or consulate near you (see requirements below)

Another way to get your Lao visa before arriving in Laos is to get it at the Lao embassies in its neighbor countries; Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, and Myanmar depends where you travel through. Veiw Lao embassy page for contact info.

Whichever your choice is, I'd recommend you further check with the embassy before you proceed to avoid frustration and time wasting.

But if you can't be bothered going through all that, you can order online with just a few clicks. Although it costs you more money this way, it saves you time and frustrations. There are several companies that offer passport and visa services (for USA, Canada, and Mexico).

If you have a time constrain or it's too much hassle arranging all this, there is a more convenient (and probably cheaper) way to get your Lao visa. Just arrive at one of International airports in Laos or one of International border crossing points and get a Visa on Arrival there.

Note: If you'd prefer to get Lao visa on arrival, you should check to see if you're eligible. Check out "Who can get Laos Visa on arrival?" section for details.


Applying for tourist visa to Laos in USA?

Download a visa application form

Your original passport with at least 6 months of remaining validity and a blank page for a visa stamp

Two(2) Visa application forms, filled and signed by the applicant (available at Lao consulates or travel agents).

Three (3) passport-type photographs

Applying for tourist visa for Laos in Australia?

Download a visa application form

Visa Fee

All tourist visa fees are for single entry visas

US$50 and $57 - a single entry visa for US and Canada citizens respectively (for other countries please check with Lao embassy near you)

If applying by mail, enclose prepaid envelope for return of passport

Other service fee (if you apply through travel agent or specialist provider)

Note: All efforts are made to keep information on this page up-to-date, however, it is recommended that you contact the Lao embassy or consulate near you for the most current visa information.