Vietnamese culture, rituals and numerous festivals cover the major facets of entertainment in Vietnam. The Vietnamese people have a festival or two to celebrate every month and they celebrate them with great pomp. Celebrations, colors, fun, music and dance form an integral part in Vietnamese culture.

Some of the most entertaining festivals in Vietnam are the Tet Nguyen Dan (the New Years Eve in Vietnam), Do Son Buffalo Fighting Festival, Vietnam and the Tet Trung Thu (Mid-Autumn Festival), Vietnam among many others.

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Vietnam entertainment scene is not only about the festivals. Cinemas, music and nightlife play equal part in the entertainment scene in Vietnam. Cinemas in Vietnam have changed their flavor with the changing political and social circumstances in Vietnam. Films on Vietnam are a common feature in the international film scene. The domestic film industry in Vietnam is also no less in capacity with a growing cinema going crowd.

Vietnam also has a lively culture for music which is a popular source of entertainment in Vietnam. Vietnamese opera and theatrical music is strongly influenced by the Chinese opera. In this area water puppetry has undergone a radical revival in the recent past in Vietnam. Besides pop music in nightclubs in Vietnam is a popular feature. 

Nightlife in Vietnam thrives in Ho Chin Minh City, Vietnam and Hanoi, Vietnam. These are popular places forentertainment in Vietnam among the youth for their karaoke music and dance music. With the popularity of nightclubs on a high, the number of western nightclubs is also increasing in Vietnam.