Eating and Drinking in Hoi An

Hoi An has a lively but very touristy nightlife scene; don't expect to find too many locals downtown.

Mango Mango, 45 Nguyen Phuc Chu, +84 510 911 863, The place to be seen in Hoi An, this very popular two-level bar and restaurant is across the river which offers tapas, tacos and latin flavours.

Hai Cafe, 111 Tran Phu Street. A laidback, quiet and relax plcae to enjoy a drink in the evening. Also serves food.

Hoi An Beach Club, Cua Dai Beach (Head to the beach and turn left at the T junction), +84 945579192, By day it's a chilled out beach cafe complete with swimming pool, pool table, foosball table, food, drinks and sun loungers. By night it's Hoi An's busiest late night venue. Open until 4-5AM depending on the crowd it's got music, buckets of cocktails, a bonfire, the beach and usually lots of nudity to view in the evening. It doesn't usually get busy til about 12-1AM though.

Happy Nam Bar, Cam Nam island. For the late night hardcore drinking fun. All the walls are signed by cohorts of travellers, before you. Sometimes fine Reggae or underground music. Anything goes there, but be advised since the quality of alcohol isn't very good. Hencefore the rough reputation of late craziness. 20,000-50,000.

La Plage, An Bang Beach (At the 'local' beach; 2.5k from town), +84(0)5103929244, 7AM-9PM. La Plage is on the right (if you are looking at the Sea) on An Bang beach. Popular with the expats, An Bang beach is also the favorite beach for Hoi An locals. Strict regulations keep hawkers to a minimum so many fewer hassles than Cua Dai Beach. It's about 2.5 km from town - through rice paddies. La Plage was started by a French-American couple. They serve tropical drinks, French and Vietnamese food. They show outdoor movies in the evenings, yoga in the mornings (7AM) and have a couple of guitars on hand for impromptu jam sessions. low-med.

Sakura. Skip the food, which is overpriced and substandard, but the lovely waterfront terrace is a nice place to have a drink. It's near Morning Glory (see above).

Salsa Club, 41 Nguyen Phuc Chu St. , just opposite the Japanese Covered Bridge, has a nice view to Hoai river with the reasonable price, very friendly staff and it offers free internet and Wifi as well for you.

Tam Tam Cafe, 110 Nguyen Thai Hoc. Cafe, bakery, restaurant and bar all rolled into one. Stylish, popular and not too badly priced, just don't bother eating there.

Treat's Cafe, 158 Ð Tran Phu. Backpacker bar in old Hoi An with great happy hour specials but terrible service since it's usually packed.

White Marble Bar, Le Loi St (centre of town near the river and market). Modern bar open onto the street. Great food and though it is true Hoian style they have a great young Aussie chef on hand to ensure the food is tops.

There is a bit of a scam where a very friendly person in the middle of the main part of town hands out a flyer with cheap drinks and says there's a great bar just two streets away. This bar is likely to quite far out of town, and on arrival, the service is terrible, the place completely empty, and the wait staff forceful and rude. Beware the trap and save yourself the walk back in to town and the expensive drinks.