Eating and Drinking in Danang

Ocean Blue Bar&Grill Live Music, 36 Xuan Dieu near the new Thuan Phuoc Bridge. A high-class music lounge located on the 7th floor of the Ocean Blue Building. Good mixed drinks. Very romantic surrounding, including view of the city and Hans river at night. A "must" visit if you like a relaxed entertainment evening in Danang.

Club Tourane, Furama Resort Danang, 68 Ho Xuan Huong (eastward of Danang city), 845113847333. from 8 pm to late night. The award winning Furama Resort Danang has opened its Club Tourane – the first 5-star night club in the central of Danang, Vietnam on 1 May 2008 The Club Tourane opens daily from 8pm until late (2 am) with a Filipino Band. Guests can enjoy live music and dance with the music from the 60s to the 90s. This is an authentic club with jovial charm, homey atmosphere and cheerful service. Drinks are USD 2 to USD 5 per drink.

There are a few places around Danang for the traveller/ex-pat to take a drink and where English is spoken enough to make sure you get what you want. The first is Green Town Bar at 50 Bach Dang St. It is one of relatively few bars open past the witching hour and most ex pats drop in there for either an early evening or late night drink. The view is excellent with an outdoor terrace and 2 big pool tables inside.The prices are very reasonable. Up to 10 o'clock food is available.

Another popular haunt for local ex pats is the Bamboo Bar which takes quite a bit of finding but ask an ex-pat around the Green Town Bar and you'll get a mud map. Bamboo 2's owner speaks excellent English, there are always foreigners there, and it is easy to find at the corner of Bach Dang and Thai Phien. Eve Pub on Tran Phu near Prince hotel also stays open late, although its clientele is mostly Vietnamese. The discos all stay open until 12.30 or later. Many street side beer places stay open until the last customers leave, but most operators have no English.

Avoid like the plague the infamous "Coolspot" which has developed quite a reputation for overpricing and sub standard quality. It's in all the guide books so you know it's truly a place to be avoided.

If you are not concerned about mixing it with the locals, there are literally thousands of drinking places where beer is cheap as chips and the food is superb and cheap. Head down to the beach for excellent seafood meals. Avoid the swanky looking places where you will pay western prices and try some of the "shacks" that line the road along the beach.

If you are really not in the mood for a bar environment, there are some fantastic cafes in Danang. TryWonder Cafe or New Life Cafe on Le Loi Street. Or just wander down Nguyen Chi Thanh Street where there are quite a few good quality cafes.

For lovers of Micro Brewery Beverages try: The Czech beer place on Nguyen Tri Phuong Street. Or even better Tulip Beer on 2/9 Street. Just across the road from Tulip are some excellent restaurants, New World Cafe and No.1 Disco. This refers to the restaurants on the service road along the road leading to the twin bridges over the river from the roundabout that Tulip is located on. Further away from the bridges, across a small bridge going toward New World Cafe, is Gelato, which has by far the best ice-cream [but don't call it that; it is gelato, an Italian specialty] in Da Nang, if not in the whole of Viet Nam. Gelato is expensive, but is excellent, and there are always staff there who speak good English. No 1. Disco is the most upscale disco in town, and quite small; the two discos near the mouth of the river, of which New Phuong Dong at 20 Dong Da is the less crowded [but still a scrum on weekends] and probably most fun for a traveler to visit, are bigger and more eclectic in their clientele and have better entertainment [New Phuong Dong, for example, has a resident Ghanaian DJ and many visiting singers from Sai Gon and Ha Noi]. Festival, on the second corner going up river from Cau Song Han on Tran Hung Dao, is the newest disco and the only one on the My Khe beach side of the river. It is part of a complex that also has a restaurant and karaoke rooms; if you buy the staff a drink here [a normal thing to do in this kind of disco-night club] they can be very aggressive about drinking it fast and running up a big bill for you.

And finally for a real late night place hit "Red Hot" Bar on Nguyen Van Linh Street.

'Late night' is more flexible in Da Nang than in Ha Noi; most of the time the discos and places like Red Hot [an approximation of a Thai girlie-bar] close at 1 a.m. or 1.30, but if the police decide to say the national rules should not be flouted quite so blatantly, they may unexpectedly close at midnight or 00.30. However, roadside open-air establishments will continue to serve beer long after that if they still have customers, and there are some places on the main roads that cater to truck drivers and the like that appear to be open essentially all night.