How to get to Xieng Khouang



The nearest airport is in Phonsavan. Lao Airlines offers six flights a week in peak season and four flights in low season to Vientiane. Flights between Luang Prabang and Xieng Khouang are available once a week.

Note: flight schedules are subject to change.

If you are travelling from Vientiane you can either take VIP buses or local buses. The buses leave from the northern bus terminal and take about 10-12 hours. Note: The roads are paved but there are plenty of serpentines. The bus trip from Vang Vieng takes 7-8 hours. Buses run daily from Luang Prabang via Route 13 and 7 and take 8 hours. You could also hire a minivan in either Luang Prabang or Vientiane. If you want to travel from Pakbeng/Nong Khiaw you take the bus to Xam Neua via Route 1, get off at Nam Ngeun and take the bus to Phonsavanh. Coming from Vinh or Hanoi in Vietnam visas are available on arrival at the Nam Ka border, which is open daily from 6:00 – 18:00. The bus from Vinh leaves four days a week and takes 12 hours, form Hanoi there is one bus per week.

Transport within Xieng Khouang: This is an inexpensive the cheapest option and allows one the opportunity to het to know Lao people better. However, bear in mind, that most local public transport does not leave or arrive according to the set time table. Public vehicles typically leave once they are full and stop to pick up and drop off passengers along the way. It is also important to understand that leg-room and space on public vehicles is very limited. Prices for public vehicles outside Phonsavanh are pre-determined, so bargaining is only necessary for the jumbos in Phonsavanh town. 

To get to other towns in the province you can take local buses or pick-up trucks. Inside Phonsavan there are plenty of Tuk-Tuks, which might not be available without prior booking very early in the morning or late at night. A normal tour inside the town should cost 3000 to 10000 LAK. There are 9 travel agents in Phonsavan that arrange bike, motorbike and car rentals. A bike costs depending on quality from 20.000 Kip per day. You can rent mostly scooters for about 100.000 KIP. To rent a minivan costs about 50-80 USD, a 4WD costs over 100 USD. This includes or excludes gasoline, depending on the company. All prices vary hugely depending on season and availability.


Public transportation is available from 3 different bus terminals.  Service locations for each bus station are as follows:

Provincial Bus Terminal: This is the terminal were VIP buses depart/arrive from Vientiane and Luang Prabang, and local buses depart/arrive regulrly to/from Vang Vieng, Xam Neua, Paksan, Vinh and Hanoi in Viet Nam. The terminal is located on Route 7 about 3km west of town.

Nam-Ngum Market Terminal: Song taews serving the southern districts Khoun, Phaxay and Mokmai leave from the market. The terminal is located on Route 13 going south, next to the Tourist Information Centre.

Phonsavanh Market Terminal: From this terminal Song taews and local buses go to Phou Koud District Paek, Muang Khoun, and Nong Het District.

Note: Price may be subject to change.

Daily schedule for buses going to other provinces (XIENG KHOUANG BUS STATION)

Office Phone: (856-30) 5170148 
Mobile Phone: (856-20) 22 34 08 28, 98 26 88 89


Daily Departure


Distance/Travel time


Type of Bus


07:00 AM

Xiengkhouang to Vientiane

400 Km
(10 hrs)

LAK  110.000

Bus with A/C


08:00 AM

Xiengkhouang to Vientiane


LAK  110.000

Bus with A/C


10:30 AM

Xiengkhouang to Vientiane


LAK  110.000

Bus with A/C


04:30 PM

Xiengkhouang to Vientiane


LAK  110.000

Bus with A/C


06:40 PM

Xiengkhouang to Vientiane


LAK  110.000

Bus with A/C


08:00 PM

Xiengkhouang to Vientiane

( 9 hrs )

LAK  130.000

VIP Bus Included Dinner


07:30 AM

Xiengkhouang to VangVieng
Bus or Minivan

219 Km
(6 hrs)

LAK  95.000

Bus with A/C


08:30 AM

Xiengkhouang to Laungprabang

262 Km
(8 hrs)

LAK  105.000

Bus with A/C


08:00 AM

Xiengkhouang to Xam Neua

250  Km
(9-10 hrs)

LAK  80.000

 Public bus


08:30 AM

Xiengkhouang to Paksan

220 Km
(7 hrs)

LAK 100.000



06:30 AM

Xiengkhouang to Ving (Vietnam )

270 Km
(10 hrs)

LAK 150.000

Bus with A/C